Employee Training

The Trained and qualified personnel are an integral part of corrosion control through high performance coating application. The objective is to equip our project team members with a thorough knowledge of coating and surface preparation practices, thus enabling them to better execution of high performance coating application projects. JKSC provides practical training for applicators, inspectors, managers, and engineers. Our training programs include technical instruction in:

  • Corrosion theory and corrosion control principles and methods
  • Protective coatings technology
  • Surface preparation and coating application techniques
  • Calibration and use of inspection instruments.

Apart from in-house training, all our supervisors, managers and inspectors are sent to Coating Inspection and related courses conducted by prestigious organization such as NACE International, SSPC India, IIT Bombay to get better depth in the field of  corrosion control, coating application, testing techniques etc. JKSC Managers has the ability to provide protective coatings inspection services, whether it is to assure surface application methods, required thicknesses, and/or preparation methods.