Floor Coatings

Floors are usually something to which we don’t pay much attention unless something is wrong with them and yet they are an essential part of work day productivity and safety. JKSC’s Industrial floor coatings are designed to toughen floors to meet the challenges of continual floor exposure to impact, abrasion, chemicals, thermal shock and wear and tear - while adding value in terms of the improved ease of maintenance and life of the flooring.

Industrial Floors take a lot of beating. Continual and rigorous exposure to Impact, abrasion, Chemicals and thermal shock all are too much for plain concrete or conventional floors to take - they start to disintegrate and are open to contamination. They are also not suitable for anti skid applications and are difficult to maintain.

At JKSC we recognize this and are well placed - due to our highly trained team - to assess the condition and requirement of the floorings and recommend, and deliver appropriate coatings of the highest quality.

Kinds of floor coatings we offer
  • Epoxy Flooring : Self leveling treatments
  • Epoxy Coatings : Chemical Resistant Epoxy Coatings for floor & walls.
  • Polyurea Coatings : Chemical resistant for floor and wall and antiskid